Colonists attack trees in the Hebron town of Yatta

Colonists attack trees in the Hebron town of Yatta


Violation:  attacks on olive trees

Date:  31/01/2015

Location:  al-Hamra area

Perpetrators: Ma'on colonists

Victims:   citizen Khalil Raba'i


 Citizen Khalil Raba'i from Yatta town asserted to a researcher from Land Research Center that a  group of fanatic colonists on January 31, 2015 set fire to two aging olive trees and uprooted one other from his land in the area of al-Hamra in Yatta town.

Raba'i said that he headed to his plot on that date to be shocked by the damage inflected on his burnt and uprooted trees . Raba'i also said the he immediately called international activists present  in the area to tell them about the attack. The citizen did not submit a complaint to the Israeli police for he knows that no result will be rendered in that regard  as this apply on all Palestinians. Noteworthy, colonists carry out many attacks and violations and never get prosecuted or taken to a court.

It should be marked that the colony of Ma'on is located nearby the lands of al-Hamra residents ; it also overlooks the area of al-Tawani. Attacks and violations on the area are usually carried out by colonists of that colony.

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Prepared by
The Land Research Center

Categories: Settlers Attacks