Colonist rams a sheep herd leaving three heads dead in Hebron

Colonist rams a sheep herd leaving three heads dead in Hebron


Violation: running over a sheep cattle

Date: 23/01/2015

Location: al-Samou’ village/  Hebron

Perpetrators: a fanatic colonist

Victims: citizen Mansi al-Daghamin


A fanatic colonist on January 23, 2015 deliberately ran over a sheep herd belonging to citizen Mansi al-Daghamin in the area Khallet al-Amair, south Samou’ village in Hebron.

Daghamin told a researcher from Land Research Center the following: Around 10:00 a.m. , my mom and brother Mohammad (11) grazed our herd (40 sheep) in our pastures. A 4X Nisan drove fast towards us on the bypass road no.317 and hit some of the sheep and then drove away toward west

Daghamin pointed out that the car killed two sheep and a goat where one more sheep sustained fractures.


Photos 1+2: some of the dead sheep


At first, Daghamin thought that either his mother or his brother was rammed by the colonist but turned out that only sheep got ran over.

It should be marked that Daghamin notified the Palestinian District of Coordination with the incident, who in this regard informed the Israeli side; Israeli police came to the place , examined the scene and took the citizen’s testimony. A footage from a camera set up on a tower near “Beit Yattir ” was collected as well.

Al-Daghamin received a phone call from the Israeli police on January 24, 2015 informing him that they will come to hand him out a minute to submit in the police center of Male Adummim.

Al-Daghamin family asserted that the hit-and-run was deliberate since the road was open for the car; the herd was at the sidewalk when the car hit it. “No breaks were heard”, the family said. The dead sheep were estimated with a cost of 1200 JD.

92% of Palestinian complaints about  colonists attacks against them are neglected : 

According to Yish Din association “there is law” data,  92% of Palestinian complaints (cases )submitted against colonists are closed with no indictments or charges. Only 10% of the complaints submitted about attacks and violations end up with written indictments only( not functional at the end of the day). The association report concluded that the way Israel deal with such cases is careless and non-professional.

Noteworthy, the association ,since 2005 and until 2014, helped submit  around 1,045 complaints to Israeli courts through it ; the complaints were represented in different violations namely ( bullets shooting, stone throwing, torching, cutting down trees, hurting and looting animals, crops looting, constructing on Palestinian owned lands, threats and attacks by colonists).

The questions remains as follows: how could complaints be considered when attacks are being carried out by the occupation, which is the judge and the executioner in the same time ??

About Samu’s:

The town is located 18km from the southern part of Hebron city. Form the north; there are Yatta town, Aziz, and al-Manather and from the east; there is Susya colony. Khirbet al-Harabeh and Ghuwein are there from the south.

The town has a population of 25340 people until 2014 and has a total area if 45250 dunums, 93 of which are the built-up area.

The Israeli occupation has confiscated 2786 dunums explained as follows:

  • 284 dunums were confiscated for the favor of the following colonies:
  • Shim’a colony that was established in 1985 with a population of 357 colonists confiscated 37 dunums.
  • Shale  Levni hat was established in 1989 with a population of 438 colonists confiscated 37dunums.
  • Ezlien colony that was established in 2004 confiscated 94 dunums.
  • The bypass roads no. 30, 317, 3178 confiscated 1610 dumums.
  • The apartheid road confiscated 892 dunums and segregated more than 1065 dunums. Noteworthy, the wall is of 18215m in length.

Smau’ roads, according to Oslo Accords, are classified as follows:

  • 12702 dunms are classified as area A
  • 9947dunums are classified as area B
  • 22479 dunums are classified as area C



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center



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