A stop-work and construction order on a dirt road in Yatta village

A stop-work and construction order on a dirt road in Yatta village


Violation:  serving an order on a road

Date:  16/01/2015

Location:  Khirbet Maghayer al-Abid 

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration

Victims:  residents of the Khirbet


The Israeli occupation authorities on January 16 ,2015 served a stop-work and construction on a dirt road, which links Khirbet Maghayir al-Abid to Massafir Yatta area. The Civil Administration relative to the Israeli occupation raided the area and handed some residents out the order that holds the number 181147.

The military mentioned that the structures were unlicensed and compelled a halt on construction. February 12, 2015 was assigned as the hearing session for the so-called the Inspection Sub-Committee in the Israeli court of Beit El to consider the status of the notified structures.

It should be marked that the road was rehabilitated in 2014 though overlaying a base-course layer to facilitate people movement in and outside the Khirbet; the road is of 800 m in length. The road is also considered as the village linking point with other communities

The chairman of Massfir Yatta Protection Committee Othman Jabarin said that the rehabilitation was funded by the JVC association and implemented by the Protection Committee.

Jabrin explained how life would be difficult and full of obstacles for residents of the area if the Israeli occupation authorities continue ravaging the road. 



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