Stop-work order on a residence in Yatta town

Stop-work order on a residence in Yatta town


Violation: serving a stop-work order on a house

Date: 02/12/2014

Location: Khirbet al-Mafqara/ Yatta town

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration

Victims: Hussein Hamamdeh


The authorities of Israeli occupation on December 02,2014 handed " stop-work" notices for citizen Hueesin Hamamdeh. The order was served  on a two room residence , in which the citizen live with his family.

Photo 1: the stop-work order

Photo 2: Hamadeh's house


The military order mentioned that the structure was unlicensed construction and compelled the owner of  immediate work termination. December 25,2014 was assigned for the so-called Planning Committee hearing session in the court of Beit El to consider demolishing the structure or restore its status quo .

Noteworthy, the house is composed of two rooms( cement blocks) , which are roofed with shade cloth. The 40m2 residence was built in 2012 and is home to 7 members including 2 minors.

Khirbet al-Mafqara :

It is a primitive community that is located 17 km to the far east  of Yatta town. The Khirbet populates around 150 people who are divided on 22 family from the al-Hamamdeh clan. Noteworthy, the khirbet is administered by a joint village council for the khirbets of al-Mafqra and al-Tawani , which  is ran by Mr. Saber al-Herini .

Al-Mafqara borders :

  1. Khafat Maaon to the north.
  2. Afai Gal and bypass road no. 60 to the west
  3. Yaqub Dalia colony to the south
  4. Maaon colony to the east




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