Palestinian Olive Agony in the occupied Palestinian Territory

Palestinian Olive Agony in the occupied Palestinian Territory



Olive trees in Palestine are a symbol of hope, civilization, history and identity; attacks against those trees are attacks against the Palestinian very existence. Every olive picking season, the Palestinian suffering is renewed…

Every year, Palestinian olives are targeted by radical colonists spreading all around the West Bank, those colonists who turned the West Bank into scorched earth with the help, protection and support of the Israeli Army who is considered as partner in crime associates .

In 2014,  a total of 30 attacks on olive trees were documented. As usual , colonists with protection and help of the army carry out those attacks, leaving as much losses and damage as possible on Palestinian people and their lands as well.

Also, the year of 2014 witnessed the martyrdom of kid Bahaa Bader (13), who was killed  by the occupation troops while he was on his way back home after finishing with olive picking.  In addition to that and for more than eleven times, colonists were reported to attack farmers in their lands in attempt to stop them from cultivating their plots , which are located nearby colonies.

Moreover,  colonists in 2014, fenced a number of agricultural plots that are planted with olives in the area of Deir al-Hatab , east of Nablus governorate for the sake of using them as pastures for the sheep of Alon Moreh colonists.; the village of al-Yanoon witnessed a different attack, which was represented in releasing colonists' cows in Palestinian planted lands to ruin the crops.


No. Date Governorate Location village No of attacked trees Nature of attack Nature of damage Perpetrators
1 6/10/2014 Salfit Yasuf et-Tin el-Shami 68 Uprooting and sabotaging Partial Tapuah colonists
2 6/10/2014 Nablus Burin Babb Sinneih  7 Uprooting and torching Partial Givat Ronen colonist
3 6/10/2014 Nablus 'Aorta 6 Uprooting and sabotaging Partial Itamar colonists
4 7/10/2014 Tulkarm Far'un   Denying farmers access through gate no. 308 at the wall   The Israeli occupation army
5 7/10/2014 Nablus Deir al-Hatab   Colonists fencing a 200dunum plot   Alon More colonists
6 9/10/2014 Bethlehem Husan 35 Uprooting and sabotaging Partial and total Betar Elite 
7 ######## Salfit Yasuf al-Mamasik   An attempt to torch trees   Tapuah colonists
8 ######## Nablus Wadi al-Yanun   Attacking farmers and attempting to loot trees   Itamar
9 ######## Nablus Qaryut   Farmers banned from harvesting lands nearby the wall   The Israeli occupation army
10 ######## Salfit Bruqin   An order compelling the uproot of 110 trees    Israel Civil Administration
11 ######## Nablus Yasuf al-Mamasik   Assaulting citizen and closing the area after sending farmers out of it   The Israeli occupation army and Tapuah colonists 
12 ######## Tulkarm Kfar al-Balad   Attacking farmers at time of harvesting and looting the crops, a ladder, a cell phone, and a donkey    Ifni Hiftis colonists  
13 ######## Qalqilya Kfar Qaddum   9 Uprooting and sabotaging Partial Kedumim colonists 
14 ######## Salfit Yasuf   Colonists attacking Palestinian farmers at time of harvest   Tapuah colonists
15 16/10/2014 Ramallah Ni'lin   Colonists sabotaging a farmer's car while he harvests crops   Ni'lin colonists
16 16/10/2014 Ramallah Beitin   Attempting to assault farmers at time of harvest   Beit El colonists
17 16/10/2014 Qalqilya Kfar Qaddum   Attempting to assault farmers at time of harvest   Kedumim
18 16/10/2014 Salfit Al-Zawyeih 160 Uprooting and sabotaging Partial Elkana colonists
19 17/10/2014 Qalqilya Kfar Laqif   Attempting to loot olive crops   Karne Shamron
20 17/10/2014 Ramallah Beit Liqya   Shooting the kid Baha' Badir(13) dead at time of harvest   The Israeli occupation army
21 17/10/2014 Jenin Zububa   Assaulting farmers and sending them out of their lands   The Israeli occupation army
22 18/10/2014 Bethlehem Tuqu' 50 Uprooting and sabotaging Total Tuqu' colonists
23 18/10/2014 Bethlehem Jab'a 50 Uprooting and sabotaging Partial Beit  Ain colonists 
24 19/10/2014 Nablus Aqraba 20 Releasing  colonists' cows in Palestinian field to ruin corps   Itamar
25 22/10/2014 Nablus Huwwara 130 Torching trees Total Yizhar 
26 22/10/2014 Ramallah Al-Mugheer 5 Torching trees Total Adi Ad colonists
27 29/10/2014 Qalqilya Kfar Qaddum   Looting 200kg of olive from Palestinians   Kedumim colonists
28 30/10/2014 Ramallah Deir Nitham   Assaulting farmers at time of harvest   Halmish colonists
29 3/11/2014 Hebron Dura 40 Ravaging saplings   The Israeli occupation army
30 October and November Jerusalem Shu'fat 150 To open colonial roads no. 4 and 29    
Total 730      

Source: Field observation- Department of Monitoring Israeli Violation – Land Research Center

Columns indicate the number of attacks on olive trees in the West Bank during 2014

The Palestinian olive remains steadfast to reflect its Arab origins despite all Israeli attempts to distort and change facts and history. Despite all torching, uprooting and sabotaging, the Palestinian olive will always be the icon of the nation's identity , dignity and history.



Prepared by

 The Land Research Center


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