Confiscation of a vehicle and agricultural equipment in al-Tayasir village/ Tubas governorate

Confiscation of a vehicle and agricultural equipment in al-Tayasir village/ Tubas governorate


Violation: confiscation in numbers


Location: al-Tayasir village/ Tubas governorate

Perpetrators: Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Victims: farmer Ahamad Daraghmeh


 A massive force from the Israeli army accompanied by a staff from Israel Nature and Parks Authority stormed on December 29, 2014 the area of al-Satih, which is located within the natural block no.65; plot no.8 from the village of al-Tayasir.

The force raided the land of farmer Ahmad Daraghmeh, who at that time was fencing his 37 duum plot, taking into consideration that his land is classified as Tabo according to the Ottoman  land code. Noteworthy, the plot is partially planted with field crops where the major part of it is being prepared for olive plantation.


Photo 1+2: the targeted land

Photo 3:  a confiscation order of agricultural equipments

Photo 4: a confiscation order of a vehicle  

The nature authority staff sent all farmer out from the land and seized around 500m fence that is to be used to surround the land. In addition, a number of agricultural equipments were confiscated from the land. Troops from the force ordered the farmer later to go to al-Tayasir military checkpoint where his 2009 Volkswagen was seized as well; such means are used by the military to put pressure on framers to leave their lands unused.

It should be marked that Israel Nature and Parks Authority justified the confiscation under the pretext of lands being classified as a natural reserves; farmer Daraghmeh asserted ownership of the land according to the Tabo registration.

The Israeli occupation has been recently escalating violations and assaults on the area of Palestinian Jordan Valle(al-ghoor), specially at times of winter crops and animal reproduction seasons. Huge losses followed farmers for they were denied access to their own lands.


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 The Land Research Center

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