Confiscating water tanks and forest saplings from Khirbet Ainon

Confiscating water tanks and forest saplings from Khirbet Ainon


Violation:  confiscating tanks and seedlings

Date: 18/12/2014

Location: Khirbet Ainon/ Tubas governorate

Perpetrators: Israeli occupation army

Victims:  natural reserve of Ainon


The area of Ainon, east Tubas governorate on December 18, 2014 witnessed a new wave of Israeli plans  targeting Palestinian land and nature. 

East of Ainon, more specifically in the area of Khallet Abu Salah, a massive fore from the Israeli army raided the area without any previous warning and confiscated two tanks "for moving water" relative o the Ministry of Agriculture. Noteworthy, each tank has a volume of 4 m3.

Also, the Israeli army confiscated three plastic tanks (1.5m3) in addition to the tent used as a resting place for the workers of Palestine Ministry of Agriculture, who are implementing a project in the area. Noteworthy, the confiscated items were moved to a military camp in the nearby.

In the same context, the Israeli army confiscated 120 forest seedlings (Acacia , Pine, carob) not mentioning sabotaging 20 other saplings. The aforementioned confiscations came under the pretext of "State Property".


Photos 1-3: a view of  the attack on Ainon

Photo4: the Israeli army confiscation minute


It should be marked that confiscated items were used within the "Green Palestine" project which is implemented by Ministry of Agriculture. During the project, the ministry planted around 450 dunums with forest trees( 1500 saplings) in the area of Ainon. Noteworthy, the project started 2 years ago through "greening" the areas of Ras al-Mazlaqa and Ainon; the project's work now focuses on greening the area of Khirbet Abu Salah that is located 5km east Tubas governorate .

Another targeting in less than a year :

It is indicated that targeting the of Ainon area comes within a systematic plan on the area of Um Kbaish, east of Tammun village in Tubas . The Israeli occupation on December 16, 2014 served  an eviction order on la 84 dunums land planted with forest trees within the "Green Palestine" project in 2012. The order gave a 45 day deadline to evict the land or restore its previous status.

In the same context, the Israeli occupation on September 09, 2014 served, thought the Palestinian District  of Coordination Office  DCO, an evection orderon 1,071 dunums from the areas of al-Thughra al-Sharqia and al-Tuqus al-Sharqia. As a result, more than 46,000 seedlings planted via "Green Palestine" will be affected by this order.

Contradicting Reality :

The forests inspector at Tubas Ministry of Agriculture told a researcher from Land Research Center the following: " in the same time the Israeli occupation is trying to transform the lands of Palestinian Jordan Valley (al-ghoor) into military camps and bases, Palestinians are working hard in cultivating the land despite all obstacles put by the occupation. Israel confiscates lands and uproots trees and saplings; what happens in Ainon and Um al-Kbaish is clear-cut evidence of Israel extreme practices against Palestinians and their lands".



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