Colonists set fire to a house in Yatta village

Colonists set fire to a house in Yatta village


Violation:  torching a house

Date:  31/12/2014

Location:  al-Dairat village/ Yatta

Perpetrators: Price tag colonists

Victims:  family of Mohmoud al-Adra


 Price tag gangs on December 31, 2014 attacked the house of citizen Mahmoud al-Adra and torched parts of it in the area of al-Dairat, north Yatta village in Hebron governorate.

Al- Adra (35) told a researcher from Land Research Center the following : "at 2:50 a.m., I heard knocks on the front window of my house and when I opened the door, a masked man with a torch was at the threshold. I shut the door and went to the roof to have a closer and clearer look on what is going on but meanwhile, a bang sound was heard and smoke arose from the house".

He continues saying : " on the roof, I held some rocks to throw on the perpetrators, who were two and in masks but they  fled the scene by  a car, which picked them up and headed east through the bypass road no. 317".



Photos 1-5: signs of the fire that caught the house


He also added: " I immediately  evicted my kids and my wife because fire reached out most of the house furniture. I then brought water to extinguish the fire while my wife shouted at  neighbors for help who came and gave me hand controlling the situation".

It is reported that fire reached out a T.V , four plastic chairs, carpets and some of the kids toys.

Al-Adra pointed out that some Hebrew slogans were spray-printed on the walls of his house that translates " Revenge" not mentioning other slogans that were unclear for the perpetrator wrote then in a hurry.  It turned out that the attacker broke the window and hurled a ablaze bottle full of diesel; the thing that explains the bang sound.

Al-Adra also asserted that his cousin phone-called the Israeli police, who came at morning, examined the scene, collected fingerprints and took the citizen testimony. Noteworthy, al-Adra accused colonists of carrying out the attack on his house.

 It should be marked that that the house of citizen al-Adra is only 50m away from the bypass road no317. At time of police investigations, kids were traumatized because of the incident itself and the presence of Israeli police in the same time.

About Al-Dairat :

Al-Dairat is located to the east of Yatta town and is about 6km away from it. The village is considered a agricultural one and is inhabited by 400 people;  a village council runs the affairs of al-Dairat despite there is no headquarter for the council itself.

A number of families reside in the village namely : (al-Hamamdah, Musa'fieh , al-Adra); al-Dairat is split by the bypass road no. 60, which links all Israeli colonies in the north with those in the south.

The village is edged by Arab al-Ka'abna and al-Karmel colony from the east, Yatta town from the west, Khirbet al-Bwaib from the north and Ma'on colony and Um Lisfa village from the south .Residents of the area aspire to issue a master-plan for the village that includes their houses  in order to protect them from Israeli orders of stop-work and demolition. 



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