The occupation sabotages 75 agricultural dunums in Jericho

The occupation sabotages 75 agricultural dunums in Jericho


Violation: destroying 75 agricultural dunums planted with vegetables

Location: al-Mintar/ Jericho

Date: 03/11/2014

Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation

Victims: farmer Ahmad Dumra


 At noon of Monday November 3rd, two military bulldozers accompanied by several army jeeps raided the area of al-Mintar which is located to the eastern side of Jericho and is adjacent to the bypass road no.90.

It is indicated that the bulldozers embarked on demolishing a agricultural land that is of 75 dunums in area.  The ravaging reached out the mulched area which was planted with different types of irrigated vegetables in addition to the water pipes used to move water for irrigation. The targeted land is owned by farmer Ahmad Dumra from Jericho whose land was ravaged under the pretext of it being state lands as the occupation claims.

Citizen Dumairi, in an interview, to the LRC researcher said that: " ten years ago, I bought a 260dunum  piece of land of which 75 dunums are planted with irrigated vegetables. These lands are considered the main source of income for 9 Palestinian families who work it, taking into consideration that the land is equipped with water pipes, agricultural plastic and is already plowed".

He also added: " I had not receive any previous notification of demolition and I was shocked to see the forces of the occupation surrounding my land initiating a demolition on it. The destruction was mostly seen in the agricultural plastic(600m per a dunum), a big part of the water network(300m of pipes) and the plowed and fertilized  area as well.


Photos 1-3: the  affected land

It is indicated that the area of al-Mintar, east of Jericho witnessed in 2012 a wide-range targeting operation that reached out a big area of lands. These lands were destroyed under the pretext of them being state lands as the occupation claims.



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