The Israeli occupation demolishes a number of agricultural and residential structures in Qalqiliya

The Israeli occupation demolishes a number of agricultural and residential structures in Qalqiliya


Violation: destroying a number of structures

Location: the community of Arab al-Ramadin

Date: 03/11/2014

Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation

Victims: for families from the community


In a new assault on the community of Arab al-Ramadin, northeast of Qalqiliya, the forces of the occupation demolished Monday October 3rd a residential room( made of cloth shades and metal slabs) in addition to two barracks for sheep and a kitchen. The demolition came under the pretext of unlicensed construction within area classified C according to Oslo Accords.

According to the field observation of Land Research Center LRC, the damages reached out four families( 16 members including 8 minors) as explained in the table :

Affected citizen



No. of sheep

Nature of damage


Abdallah Suliman




Had a barrack of 120m2 demolished

Had a structure demolished before

Nu'man Tayaha




Had a barrack of 200m2 demolished

Had a structure demolished before

Ghaitha Subaih




Had a residential room of 24m2 demolished


Zumra Masamra




Had a kitchen of 9m2 demolished

Had a structure demolished before








 It should be marked that the affected families had been notified with stop work in 2010 and October 2012 again. Despite that families applied for a construction permit in the Civil Administration of the Israel in 2013, the application was rejected and the structures got demolished.

The northern community of Arab al-Ramadin:

Northeast of Qalqiliya and behind the apartheid wall, this community is located. It is worth mentioning that the colony of Tsofen  is only 700 m away from the community not mentioning the Israeli camp that is only few meters away from it as well.

It is indicated that the structures of this community are made of metal slabs and roofed with cloth shades. Al-Ramadin community has been going under constant harassments by the occupation since 2000 until today, residents asserted .

Al-Ramadin is inhabited by around 27 families in more than 40 agricultural and residential structures, which  as a matter of fact are  notified with stop work orders. Residents of the community have been here since 1966; before the occupation itself in other words. The 22 dunums piece of land on which the community is found has been rented from farmers of Jayyous  village and Qalqiliya city.

After the year of 1967, residents of the community have not been safe because of the daily violations and assaults on the shepherds and pedestrians. Not only that, most of the community structures have been notified with either demolition or stop work.

It should be mentioned that the occupation has been planning on displacing the people of the community in any possible means. Ironically, Israel imposes licensing procedures on structures  but when residents apply, their applications simply get rejected.

The occupation here conducts the de facto policy to drag residents and demolish their residences. Noteworthy, farmers rental contracts of lands are not recognized by the occupation who in this regard consider such lands are property of the absentees according to the Law of Absentees. As a result, the community underwent several  displacement and demolition operations during the past five years.


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center


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