Stop-work order on a school canteen in Yatta

Stop-work order on a school canteen in Yatta


Violation: serving a stop-work order on a school canteen


Location: al-Dayrat village/ Hebron

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration and army troops

Victims:  students from al-Dayrat schools  


The authorities of Israeli occupation on November 19, 2014 served a stop-work order on a canteen relative to  al-Dayrat school , east of Yatta town in Hebron governorate.

Citizen Abu Naser al-Adra(65) asserted that Israel Civil Administration and army troops came to the school and left the order by the still under construction canteen. Noteworthy, pictures of place where taken before the troops had left.

Photo 1 : the stop-work order

Photo 2: the threatened canteen


The military orders mentioned that the structure was unlicensed construction and compelled immediate termination of work. December 15,2014 was assigned for the so-called Planning Committee hearing session in the court of Beit El to consider whether to demolish the structure or restore its status quo.

It should be marked that the construction of the canteen started by mid 2014; according to al-Adra, World Vision organization contributed at funding the structure, which is supposed to serve around 107 students.

Photo 3: a view of al-Dayrat mixed-gender school

It should also be marked that the 28m2canteen is  still under construction  and is being built by cement blocks; the school is the first of its type in the area after being rehabilitated in 2006.



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