Israelطس government issued punitive and discriminating decisions against Jerusalemites

Israelطس government issued punitive and discriminating decisions against Jerusalemites


The authorities of the Israeli occupation rushed to  impose a set of firm security procedures on Jerusalemites, as collective punishment,  inside the neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem. Israel claims this step is to control the popular unrest, which arose in the aftermath of abducting and torching the kid Mohammad Abu Khdair , the war on Gaza and the escalation on al-Aqsa mosque. Noteworthy, the holiness of al-Aqsa mosque as a scared Islamic monument  was violated and dishonored by holding dance events in its compounds by Israelis. Another spark for the unrest came after martyr Yousef al_Ramoni was lynched by fanatic colonists when he was on duty.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu  stated increasing strict security procedures (punitive on Palestinians) as follows:

  1. Setting up checkpoints at the entrances of Jerusalemite neighborhoods
  2. Intensifying the presence of Israeli troops in Jerusalemite neighborhoods
  3. Calling for arming Israeli civilians and facilitate licensing arm guns.
  4. Spreading two more units of Border Police in Jerusalem
  5. Demolishing the attacker's houses
  6. Enforcing the security of public places
  7. Passing a law to withdraw Israeli citizenship from attackers and their families
  8. Passing a law stating that Israel is World's Jews State
  9. Passing project stating that stationing at al-Aqsa mosque is banned

In the after math of  the above-mentioned statement, the Israeli authorities raced time to spread its troops in the occupied city of Jerusalem and at the entrances of neighborhoods. Checkpoints and flying checkpoint were randomly set up where policemen and soldiers intensively wrote traffic tickets  for cars and carried out a massive detention campaign that reached out tens of citizens most of whom are kids below 18. In response to the citizenship revoke, the occupation revoked the Jerusalemite ID from Tel Aviv (2001) Palestinian attacker .

Land Research Center sees those  decisions and laws as racially discriminative and unlawful . Detention and chase policies are becoming more intense than they used to be months ago and the fact that civilians are called upon to get armed is an official declaration to attack Palestinian civilians under the weak pretext of self-protection. As for home demolition, this policy did not stop since the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967. By that, Israel aimed at emptying the city from original indigenous. Lately, the Israeli government passed a  first-class discriminatory law to demolish the houses of Palestinian attackers while colonists who carry out assaults and violation are safe and free of charges.

It is reported that the residence of martyr Shaloudi was demolished where other martyrs' houses were notified with demolition as follows :

  1. Martyr Mohammad Ja'abis / Jabal al-Mukaber
  2. Martyr  Mu'taz Hijazi / al-Thawri neighborhood
  3. Martyr Odai Abu Jamal/ / Jabal al-Mukaber
  4. Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal / / Jabal al-Mukaber

The occupier law : Aggressive and racially discriminative :

Criminal colonists who had abducted and torched the kid Abu Khdair alive, lynched the driver Yousef al-Ramoni when he was on duty, conducted ran-over and hit-and-run acts  and assaulted lands and trees were safe and free of charges by the Israeli side simply because they are Jewish. This proves how  racially discriminative Israel is with the Palestinians holding Israeli IDs and residing in the occupied lands of 1948, which  are under the Israeli control, given the fact that they demolish the houses of Palestinian attackers where colonists attackers are not even accused of any allegation. 

Israel :A country chanting Democracy but deeply rooted in hatred and discrimination

According to the data of  the Israeli Yesh Din "There is Law" association, 92% of Palestinian complaints against colonists and police end up closed andor not looked at  with no sentences given.

According to  the association report, only 10% of the submitted complaints against colonists attacks in the West Bank end up with written indictments given to the attackers whereas 90% of the complaints get closed or ignored. The report mentioned that: "the way Israeli police and judicial system deal with Palestinian complaints is characterized by irresponsibility and lack of professionalism".

It should be mentioned that more than 1,045 complaints were submitted through the aforementioned association since 2005. The complaints mostly included shootings, rock throwing, torching, tree cutoff, livestock and crops theft, building on Palestinian land, threats and assault by colonists. 



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 The Land Research Center

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