Notifying 10 Bedouin families with eviction under the pretext of holding military training in Tubas

Notifying 10 Bedouin families with eviction under the pretext of holding  military training in Tubas


Violation: serving 10 eviction orders on Bedouin families

Location: Khirbet Ibziq / Tubas

Date: 26/10/2014

Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation

Victims: 10 Palestinian families


The Palestinian Jordan Valley (al-ghoor) is a witness on the most cruel occupation taking into consideration  that what has been happening in al-ghoor is a direct violation of human standards and a breach of all international and humanitarian conventions.

The Israeli army has been conducting a policy of holding military trainings on Palestinian lands since 2012 and until today. Noteworthy, these trainings taking place amidst of secure houses and fields are a breach of Geneva fourth convention, which stated the prohibition of terrorizing people at wartime. The occupation is here seen to violate every international law while pretending to be a state of law.

 There is no doubt that the occupation choose its trainings to take place at times of the winter and summer crops in addition to the sheep breeding season.


Photo1-2: Khirbet Ibziq


Written and verbal " holding military trainings" notifications in Ibziq:

It should be mentioned that the occupation delivered eviction orders on, October 26th 2014, to four families from Tubas. The eviction orders said to leave the houses on Tuesday and Wednesday  October 28th and 29th 2014 from 6:00 a.m. to noon under the  pretext of holding military training. Six other families were verbally notified to evict their structures for the same reason.

The notified people with written notices are ( Qa'dan Abu Zahu, Ali al-Horoub, Mousa Horoub, Hayel Turkman). The verbally notified families with eviction were the following (Imad Horoub, Adel Horoub, Thaher Abu Zahu, Adnan Horoub, Turki Turkman, and Abdelkareem Horoub).



The chairman of the community Aref Daraghmeh to the LRC researcher stated that: "the occupation came to notify these families just on time when they reinforced their houses to get ready for winter"

He also added: " the damage will reach out 10 Bedouin families (70 members) living a primitive life and lacking the life simplest standards.

For further information about the attacks Khirbet Ibziq has witnessed, please read through the reports issued by the Department of Monitoring Israeli Violation at Land Research Center :

  • The Israeli occupation Army confiscated three tractors from Khirbet Ibziq on 21/10/2014 (Ar, Eng(
  • An eviction order on 35 Bedouin families in Palestinian Jordan Valley(al-ghoor) on 23/03/2014(ArEng)
  • Notifying 21 Bedouin families with eviction on 06/03/2014 (ArEng)
  • Notifying 29 Bedouin families with eviction on 24/02/2014  for military training (ArEng)
  • Notifying residential and agricultural structures with stop work on 23/02/2014 (ArEng)
  • Destroying 50 dunums planted with field and winter crops on 12/02/2014( ArEng)
  • The Israeli occupation embarked a large-scale demolition in Yarza and Ibziq on 22/01/2014 (ArEng)



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 The Land Research Center


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