The Israeli occupation displaces 6 Bedouin families after demolishing their residential and agricultural structures

The Israeli occupation displaces 6 Bedouin families after demolishing their residential and agricultural structures


Violation: destroying tents and barns
Location: Arrab al-Hathalin / Jerusalem governorate
Date: 02/09/2014
Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation
Victims: 6 Bedouin families (42 member including 29 minors)


On 02/09/2014, a force of twenty military jeeps accompanied by the planning committee of the occupation embarked demolition on the Bedouin community north of Jab’a, which is relative to Jerusalem governorate and is 2km away from Adam colony. The reason behind that operation is to implement a displacement plan on the community.

Around 9:00am of Tuesday 0/09/2014, two bulldozers of the occupation embarked demolition on the community that reached out five residences (made of metal slabs and hay), three barns, and two fodder storehouses. As a result, 42 people including 29 minors were forced to leave and became homeless.

The following table shows the damage resulted by the demolitions:

Citizen Family No. of sheep No. of residential barracks Area/m2 No. of livestock barracks Area/m2 No. of fodder storehouses area/m2
Sarah Hathalin 6 15 1 16 1 12 0 0
Jamil Hathalin 8 80 0 0 1 100 1 9
Khadir Hathalin 5 0 1 60 0 0 0 0
Muhammad Hathalin 5 10 1 48 0 0 1 9
Gebril Hathalin 9 0 1 60 0 0 0 0
Jum’a Hathalin 9 20 1 60 1 90 0 0

*Source: Field Research- Monitoring Israeli Violations Team- Land Research Centre (LRC





A displacement plan for the favor of colonial expansion:

The Chieftain of the Bedouin community Juma’ah Hathalin to the LRC researcher said that: “it is the first time in which the residents of the community witnessed various demolitions, taking into consideration that they have been living in the area of north Jaba’a since 1997. Noteworthy, on September 2013, residents of the community received stop work orders under the pretext of unlicensed construction and illegal presence in area classified C according to Oslo Accords.

Hathalin also added: “We, by then, applied to obtain construction permits in the court of  Beit El through an attorney. The construction authorization was not at all considered and we were surprised at time of the latest demolition”.

It should be marked and according to the LRC field follow-up in the targeted location that the occupation selectively targeted barns and tents to deliver a message the theme of which is residents’ displacement of the community. The plan is a part of a greater plan for colonial expansion on the nearby Adam colony and the industrial zone “Benyamien”. The aforementioned witnessed a large-scale expansion of colonial outposts for the sake of attracting more colonists to reside in the area.

About Arrab al-Hathalin:

It should be mentioned that the routes of Arrab al-Hathalin are from the occupied lands of 1948; more specifically, Beir es-Saba’ from which they were forcefully expelled towards the southern parts of Hebron. Water scarcity and lack of pastures forced people to move again towards the middle and northern parts of the West Bank where part of them resided in Ayzarrieh and the other part resided in al-Mu’arjat and the middle Palestinian parts of the Jordan Valle.

Despite the low-standards Bedouin life style they are living, residents of those areas are still targeted at all times.

“Nine families of 58 members are residing the Bedouin community of al-Hathalin, east of Jab’a town” as the chieftain asserted.


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The Land Research Center


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