Burning down more than 30 frontier dunum between Palestine and Jordan

Burning down more than 30 frontier dunum between Palestine and Jordan


Violation: torching around 30 dunum on the frontier between Jordan and Palestine

Location: Bardala village/ Tubas governorate

Date: 04/09/2014

Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation


The trainings carried out by the occupation in the areas of the Palestinian Jordan Valley are forming a big challenge that hindered the development and stability of the Jordan Valley.

During the past three years, the area witnessed intensive military trainings that resulted in displacing tens of the Bedouin families in more than 13 Bedouin communities located in the northern part of the Jordan Valley. As a result, those families became homeless. The damage reached out 60 dunum planted with field and winter crops in addition to  the livestock where a huge number of sheep died. The Israeli occupation did all of that  not caring about humanity and the Palestinian dignity.

It should be marked that the troops of the Israeli occupation have been firing, every now and then, flash bombs that end up setting fire to fields when landed.

This very scene has been frequently repeated during the summer of every year. On 04/09/2014, the occupation army fired flash bombs towards east of the bypass road no.90, more specifically 2km away from Shadmot Machala colony. As a result, more than 30 dunum located west to the segregation fence on the Jordanian-Israeli borders. The act of burning down massive pastoral  areas has negatively affected shepherds in terms of herding their sheep since the occupation is using most of the pastoral areas in the Jordan Valley (al-ghoor) for the favor of establishing military camps and security borders for colonies.


Photos:1-2: the torched land near the segregation fence on the Jordanian borders.


The Palestinian Jordan Valley( al-ghoor):  A target of the occupation

The area of al-ghoor achieved its importance since too long ago. The warm climate and water abundance  in addition to soil fertility and suitability for plantation helped improving the area throughout years.

At time of the occupation on the West Bank in 1967, the Israeli authorities declared the Jordan Valley( 720,000 dunum) eastern borders for its state. This comes in reference to the beliefs of the successive governments of the occupation and as the minister of  Labor, about the importance of al-ghoor security,  once said: "in order for  the integration between the state safety and its existence on the land to come true , the Jordan river must be imposed as the eastern borders of the Jewish State".

 To achieve that goal, the occupation sought to implement many plans and protocols, which aim at changing facts on the ground and distort the Palestinian Arab touch of the place. One conducted method was to change 400,000 dunum into a closed military zone with no construction or agricultural activities allowed to take place in the area whatsoever. In addition, 97 military locations were established and hundreds of agricultural dunums were planted with landmines. Noteworthy, the affected areas are located nearby many  of the pastures and water resources of many  Bedouin communities like Khirbet Yarza and the area of Wadi al-Malih.




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