An eviction order on tens of agricultural dunums in Tubas

An eviction order on tens of agricultural dunums in Tubas


Violation: evection orders on agricultural lands

Date: 09/09/2014

Location: residents of Tubas

Perpetrators: the Civil Administration/ Israel Land Authority


On September 9th 2014, the troops of the Israeli occupation accompanied by a staff from the Civil Administration raided the area of al-Thaghra al-Sharqi and Tuqus al-Sharqi and served military orders compelling evection on 1,071 dunum claiming them state property.

According to the military orders, the owners of the lands were given a deadline of 45 days from the orders date of  issuance to get the lands back to their original status. In other words, it is to change the lands  to pre-cultivation status.



photos  1-5: the Israeli military orders handed to Palestinians living in Tubas

The evection order is an imminent threat on Green Palestine Project :

 It should be marked that Tubas  Ministry of agriculture, in 2000, planted and forested around 1,071 dunum in the location of  al-Thaghra al-Sharqi and Tuqus al-Sharqi using forest trees aging 4 years within the project of Green Palestine. Noteworthy, the area used to be an arid area that is registered for the Department of Treasury in Jordan; that is why these lands were subjected for reclamation and cultivation. The area used also to have around 50dumum planted with pine trees.

Double payback:

It should be marked that the occupation, which prohibits people from using lands by  claiming them state property is the same one which expands colonial construction on the Palestinian confiscated lands. For example, the colony of Allon Moreh that is located on lands ( registered for Jordan Department of Treasury)of Deir al-Hatab, east of Nablus is  a live evidence of the expansion plans. It is also the case with Kedumim, east of Qalqiliya, Ofra east of Ramallah and other neighboring colonies.

The occupation controls the right to using land and bans Palestinians from benefiting them under inconvincible pretexts. This contradicts international conventions especially Geneva fourth convention , which mentioned the illegality of using occupied lands and changing their status by the occupiers. The following table shows information about the threatened lands: 


No. of order

No .of natural block/ piece no.


No. of saplings

Seedlings trees types

Al-Thaghra al-Sharqi


Block no. 4 piece no.4



Pine, Acacia, carob  

Tuqus al-Sharqi


Block no.36 piece no.2



Pine, Acacia, carob and Luciana

Al-Thaghra al-Sharqi


Block no.4 piece no.4



Pine trees aging 50 years



46150 seedlings and aging trees


Photo 1: the notified hills and forests 


Map 1: shows the targeted lands in Tubas City




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The Land Research Center

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