Two agricultural rooms leveled down by the occupation

Two agricultural rooms leveled down by the occupation


Violation: destroying two agricultural rooms
Date: 04/08/2014
Location: Jabal al-Sondus / Hebron
Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation
Victims: Zydan and Abdelmuez al-Atrash


On 0/08/2014, the occupation authorities demolished two agricultural rooms owned by citizens Zydan and Abdelmuez al-Atrash in the area of Jabal al-Sondus, south of Hebron city. Zydan pointed out that he received a phone call from his neighbors indicating that a bulldozer of the occupation embarked demolition on his rooms.

Photo 1: demolition evidences in Jabal al-Sondus

Atrash indicated that the total area of his rooms (built two years ago) is 50m2 where his brother’s room is of 16m2 in area. Both rooms were made of bricks and metal slaps.

He also mentioned receiving stop work orders on those rooms a year ago where they really stopped the construction and did not receive any demolition order after that. The occupation frequently toured around the area of the elevated Jabal al-Sondus (Sondus Mountain) and my brother and I decided to build the room in the mountain to protect the land from probable colonial expansion plans in the area.



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 The Land Research Center

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