The occupation stops construction of two water cisterns in Shuyukh

The occupation stops construction of two water cisterns in Shuyukh


Violation:  terminating two water cisterns construction
Date: 2/08/2014
Location: Shuyukh
Perpetrators: the troops of the Israeli army
Victims: citizen Rizq Halayka

The authorities of the occupation banned citizen Rizq Halayka from digging a water cistern in his lands, which is located in the area of al-Zafaran, east of Shuyukh in Hebron governorate.

Halaykah stated that: “on 02/08/2014, a force of the occupation army arrived to the place and ordered the bulldozer’s driver to leave otherwise his digger will be confiscated. As a result, the driver moved the digger out of the land after five hours of working on the well.

Rizq also pointed out that he intended to dig a cistern in his land (6dunums) in the area of al-Zafaran. The piece of land is planted with olives and the reason behind building the cistern was to irrigate the crops using water that is moved from Shuyukh town.

From another side, agronomist Mahir Shalaldih said that the water cistern was one of the two cisterns proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture in the area of al-Zafaran. After the work stopped in the first one, the second was also canceled. 

It should be mentioned that Isfer colony that is located on the confiscated lands of Shuyukh and Sair , is only 1km from al-Zafaran.



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