Exercising state terrorism on Palestinians and demanding revenge on Arabs

Exercising state terrorism on Palestinians and demanding revenge on Arabs


Colonists and the Israeli military have been sending hatred-enticing messages against Palestinians in ways that are incompatible with humanity and only help inflame more extremism.

Undoubtedly, the Israeli entity with all its different bodies support right-wing activists, and that has resulted  in increasing the number of vandalism cases and more explicit expression of religious and racial radicalism.

The lens of Land Research Center  (LRC) has captured offensive slogans and hatred-enticing signs

It is worth mentioning that during the past few days, colonists hanged hateful slogans in Hebrew that read 'Death to Arabs', Jewish blood will not be wasted'  and 'This is a safe stand' where most of them are displayed along the bypass roads that connect large colonies together like Gush and Etzion crossroads and Ariel crossroads among other vibrant areas for colonists.

LRC's camera has recorded colonists hanging up banners along bypass road no.5 that is adjacent to Ariel colony. The banners call on more hatred of Arabs in an encouragement to colonists to commit vandalism and extreme acts.

The graffiti and signs set up aligning bypass '5:


The doctrine of extremism is growing:

It should be marked that the present-day radical and religious extremism has its own roots in the Israeli ideology as most rabbis teach kids religious extremism and encourage killing Arabs. They even went as far as to claim that killing Arabs ensure Jews would go to paradise.

The Israeli colonies in the West Bank, such as Gush Etzion, Ariel and Kiryat Arba', contain religious schools that preach radicalism, religious superiority and extremism.  They form the bedrock of hatred that has produced right-wing gangs as a result, the likes of  the "price-tag" group that has committed vandalism, set fire to mosques , and destroyed Palestinian property among others. What is really both odd and worth condemnation is that Israel accuses Palestinians of being radical and extreme while projecting colonists as peaceful people though it has been proven the contrary and many incidents have revealed the complicity of the Israeli occupation including its various institutions that does support the likes of these right-wing activists and help facilitate their work.

The Israeli media tries to send a different message, that the Palestinians are the bloodthirsty murderess versus the innocent colonists. And such messages are distributed on the international  outlets to falsify facts.

Noteworthy, extreme colonists have been attacking Palestinians and their properties for years but the rhythm and volume of attacks have increased during the past five years. Organized gangs in 2013, according to LRC field research,  carried out more than 523 attacks against Palestinians and their properties. Those attacks have inflicted harm and damage on 160 houses and facilities as well as on 23,581 trees, 355 citizens, 295 vehicles, 80 sheep, 11 wells, 12 mosques, 9 religious shrines, in addition to 11 tombs and 4 churches.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers have published  pictures and slogans against Arabs and calling for revenge

The Israeli army has shown its real and ugly face to the world and has unabatedly expressed its support and complicity with extreme gangs as thousands of Israeli soldiers, male and female, have called to exact revenge on Arabs by slaughtering them and hailing bullets on them.

Some of the pictures published by the "most ethical army" in the world on Facebook:



We do not forget…We want to take revenge

Blood means more blood… We want to take revenge. Support the Israeli army to win!


Allow us to do the least… Allow us to hail bullets on them [Arabs]

A picture which an Israeli soldier has published on his personal FB page a T-shirt on which a Hebrew sentence is written with blood. He claims that it is the blood of the martyr Yousef Abu Zagha from Jenin camp. The soldier was bragging about the fact the he killed Yousef and used his blood.

Hatred of Arabs is not racist but a moral duty

Even their kids call on murdering Arabs!!



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 The Land Research Center


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