A final notification to dismantle a farm fence in Khirbet Umm el-Khair

A final notification to dismantle a farm fence in Khirbet Umm el-Khair


Violation: final orders compelling the removal of a fence
Date: 11/0/2014
Location: Umm el-Khair
Perpetrators: the Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation CA
Victims: residents of the Khirbet


On 11/08/2014, the authorities of the occupation served final orders of removal and demolition on a fence surrounding a piece of land in Khirbet Umm-al-Khair, east of Yatta town.

Citizen Suliman al-Hathalin pointed out that the officers of CA raided the village and served him the orders. Noteworthy, the notifications gave residents a period of a week to dismantle the fence. Demolition will be carried out by the occupation and the chargefees will be billed to owners in case they didn’t destroy the fence by themselves.


Photo A+B : the final demolition orders

On 01/06/2014, the occupation authorities served a stop work order no.16091 on the fence. Owners sought attorney Ghyyath Nasir to object the order that was eventually rejected. As consequence, the fence was ordered of demolition to be carried out within a period of a week.

Regarding the land that is surrounded by the fence, it is located between two mountains and is of 16 dunums in area. The land went under reclamation through UNRWA Work for Money program. Different trees of olives, almonds, cactus, were planted there and are irrigated by a near water network.


Photo 1-2: the targeted fence

The residents see a bigger plan behind removing the fence which is to take over the land to facilitate the colonial expansion of Karmiel (few meters away) in the area.

The aforementioned piece of land called al-Mazr’aa is located in the mountain slope, which colonists tries hard to put hands on for the favor of the colony’s expansion. Members of al-Hathalin family came to know about the colonial expansion plans on the mountain. New outposts were included in the plans to be built on the mountain slope.

Photo 3: a plan showing number of outposts to be built on the mountain

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