Stop-Work-and- Construction Order on a Residence in Rafat

Stop-Work-and- Construction Order on a Residence in Rafat


Violation: a stop-work order for a house that is under construction.

Location: Rafat village- Salfit governorate.

Date: July 01, 2014.

Perpetrators: The so-called Israeli Planning Committee

Victim: Abdul-Basit Asba.


On July 01, 2014, officers of the Planning Committee of the Israeli Civil Administration handed citizen Abdul-Basit Asba (29) from Rafat village, west of Salfit, an order to stop any construction work in his house. The order is designated for his under-construction residence located in the area of "al-Qita'", west of the village. The order was issued on the pretext of unlicensed construction.

According to the notification, the owner has a respite until July 26, 2014 to obtain a building permit. A court session of the Inspection Sub-Committee would be held on the same date to consider and decide on the legality of the notified structure.

The second order within four months:

The Israeli Planning and Organizing Committee handed the same citizen a stop-work order and for the same reasons on April 23, 2014. That only confirms that the Israeli occupation is targeting this house.

Picture 1: The threatened house

Affected citizen




Notification no.

Date of delivery


Abdul-Basit Salman Asba





Under construction

120m2 in area




It should be marked that the notified residence is only 2km away from Ali Zahav colony. In fact, it overlooks it. That helps explain why the Israeli occupation has sent the orders on the house; it is for colonial purposes apparently.



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