Israel resumes wall construction in Al Walajeh village

Israel resumes wall construction in Al Walajeh village



On the 12th of June 2014, the Israeli occupation machinery resumed wall construction in Al Walajeh village, northwest of Bethlehem city. The Israeli machinery started since the early morning constructing the segregation wall at the entrance of al Walajeh village by installing a chain-link fence that stretches between the already constructed cement blocks in the village. The machinery also installed chain-link fences on top of the already constructed cement blocks. This action comes as part of what Israel claims “to provide safety and security to the Israeli settlements and settlers living in these settlements”. See photos 1-7




The Segregation Wall plan in Al Walajeh village

According to the latest revised route of the Israeli Segregation Wall which was published on April 30, 2007, the Wall will place Al Walajeh village in an isolated enclave, sealed off from all directions, east, west, north and south and from the neighboring Palestinian communities; Bethlehem and Beit Jala city centers and the Western rural areas of Bethlehem city (Battier and Hussan). See Photos of the wall in Al Walajeh village 





A map of the Segregation Wall plan in Al Walajeh village


A border crossing on lands of al Walajeh village

On February 19, 2006, the Israeli Occupation Army issued a military order No. (25/06/T) to confiscate 39.8 dunums from Al Walajeh village and Beit Jala city for “military purposes,”. An analysis to the attached military order map showed that Israel plans to construct a new border crossing at the southeastern entrance of al Walajeh (Har Gilo crossing as named in the military order). The terminal aims to control the movement of Al Walajeh residents between their village and the center of services and life in Bethlehem Governorate and beyond. See Copy of the MIlitary Order No. (25/06/T)


Upon its construction, Palestinians of Al Walajeh village will only have this terminal to move in and out of their village; additionally, the terminal will be under the control of Israeli Army, which will make Palestinians as prisoners in their own village.

To conclude;

The construction of the wall on land of Al Walajeh village is a clear and explicit message to the Palestinian people and the entire international community that Israel does not seek to establish peace in the region neither it is seeking to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people; however, it goes on with its plans to build the wall on the Palestinian territory and continue with the confiscation of land and the establishment of Israeli settlements to impose a fait-accompli on the Palestinians, until it ends up with negotiating over a non-viable Palestinian state, geographically fragmented and alienated rights.


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The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem


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