Nofei Manheim is undergoing expansion on lands of Jinsafut village

Nofei Manheim is undergoing expansion on lands of Jinsafut village


Violation: Colonial expansion on Jinsafut lands
Location: Jinsafut village- Qalqiliya governorate
Date: 20/05/2014
Perpetrators: Colonists of Nofei Manheim of Karne Shomron


The outpost of Nofei Manheim, located east of the colony of Karne Shomron founded on Jinsafut lands, has lately undergone large-scale expansion at the expanse of Palestinian property.

Special focus was given to the north and east parts of the outpost where 23 caravans have been recently added on a 21-dunum piece of land seized and reclaimed by the colonists of the outpost to increase capacity. It should be marked that the land is not within the borders of the outpost.

Picture 1: The outpost of Nofei Manheim/ Jinsafut


The communal village of Maale Shomron colony, which the outpost follows, is considered among the most active colonies in triggering violence and carrying out radical attacks against Arab and Muslims. The colony is also a meeting point for right wing and extreme colonists. 

Nofei Manheim was built in 2002 on land confiscated for military purposes according to the Israeli occupation. The land, part of Jinsafut/ east of Qalqiliya, was used for establishing the outpost as it turned out. Over time, the outpost kept expanding until it has taken over 280 dunums of Jinsafut lands so far, specifically natural blocks number 6 and 7 in the following locations of Khallet al Bala', ad Dahiriya, al Qarnein ash Shami, al Qarnein al Qibali  and Raas Bishir.

About Jinsafut:

Jinsafut is located 16.938  kilometers southeast of the city of Qalqiliya. Its total area is 8,659 dunums including 218 dunums as built-up area. Its population is estimated to be 2,119 people. The village is a victim of Israeli colonies as more than 688 dunums were confiscated for the purpose of establishing and expanding the colonies of Neve Oranim (538 dunums) and Karne Shomron (150 dunums). (Source: Geographic Information System- Monitoring Israeli Violations Team- Land Research Center)




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