80 olive seedlings cut off by colonists in Kfar Qdoum

80 olive seedlings cut off by colonists in Kfar Qdoum

Violation: Kedumim colonists cut off 80 olive seedlings in Kfar Qdoum village

Date: May 02, 2014

Location: Kfar Qdoum- Qalqilya governorate

Perpetrators: Kedumim colonists

Victims: farmers Yousef Ishtyeh and Nathmi Qasem



At morning of Friday April02, 2014, and within the scenario of nature violation, a group of Kedumim colonists raided the area of Khalit el-Nsh, located on the natural block no.7 and the land no.63 of Kfar Qaduom village, and cut off 80 olive seedlings aging between 2-5 years,

The trees belong to the affected farmers Yousef Ishtyeh and Nathmi Qasem from the village. Not only the colonists cut off the trees but they moved them to their colony.

Photo 1 the targeted seedlings

The farmer Nathmi Qasem (41) to the LRC observer stated that: “it is the second time in row in a period of two months that my seedlings have been stolen for in March 2014, 40 seedlings were cut off and stolen and in May 2015, 20 newly planted olives were also stolen.

Qasem added: “despite having the legal ownership of the land and the registration papers, the compliant I submitted to the Police occupation was of no result rendered”.




Total area in dunums

No. of targeted seedlings

Side note

Yousif Ishtyeh



7 Dunums

60 aging 5years

Cut off ad theft

Nathmi Qasem




20 aging 2 years

Cut off and theft







About the village:

It is located 23km from Qalqylia and has a total area of 17,161dunums, 456 dunums of which are the built-up area with a population of 2908 people according to Palestinian Central Bureau for Statistics for the year 2007. A number of colonies are founded on its lands namely: Kedumim Etzion, Jif’at Hirkziz, and Kedumim Jit.


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