Stop-Work Orders on a living tent and a barn in al-Fakhit

Stop-Work Orders on a living tent and a barn in al-Fakhit


Violation: A stop- construction orders for a tent and barn
Location: Khirbet al-Fakhit, Yatta/ Hebron governorate
Date: 28/04/2014
Perpetrators: The Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation
Victims: Ibrahim Awad


On April 28, the Israeli occupation authorities served two stop-work (stop-construction) orders on a living tent and a livestock barn belonging to Ibrahim Awad in Khirbet al-Fakhit, east of Yatta.

Awad stated to an LRC observer that a patrol of the Israeli army accompanied by officers of the Civil Administration broke into the Khirbet and showed up at his place where they handed him the orders and took picture of his mother who was in the tent at the time. 


Pictures 1+2: The orders received by Ibrahim Awad, al-Fakhit

According to the orders, the structures lack a building permit and thus an immediate halt of any construction work is a must. May 11, 2014 was set for a meeting of the Inspection Sub-Committee to be held in Beit El colony to discuss "whether to demolish the structures or return them to their previous status."

The living tent shelters Awad and his 8-memember family, including 4 children and is 48 m2 in area. It was presented to Awad by "Work against Hunger" organization and was set up last year.

Picture 3: A general view of the targeted tent and barn belonging to Awad


The barn could contain up to 250 sheep and was built with wires and iron poles. It is worth mentioning that Khirbet al-Fakhit is one of the suburbs of Yatta and is one of the villages whose residents are threatened of being evacuated under the pretext of being within " 918 fire shooting zone".   




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