Confiscation of Mobile Water Tank in the Northern Jordan Valley

Confiscation of Mobile Water Tank in the Northern Jordan Valley


Violation: Looting of a water tank

Location: Wadi al-Maleh , Tubas governorate

Date: 08/04/2014

Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation army

Victims: People of Wadi al-Maleh 


April witnessed the kick off of a campaign to revive Khirbets Samra and Makhoul at the heart of Wadi al-Maleh , east of Tubas, through planting the area with olive trees in protection from any colonial activities. Simultaneously, the same month witnessed the confiscation of the only water tank in the area during the olive plantation activity.

On April 08, the Israeli occupation army looted the only mobile water tank in Wadi al-Maleh  that was used in transporting water to the area targeted for the activity of planting olive trees.

The Volvo water tank has the volume of 10 cubic meters and was presented by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians in the Near East (UNRWA) to the Palestine Ministry of Agriculture to provide water to people of Wadi al-Maleh and Bedouin communities and solidify their stance in defying the Israeli occupation and its measures.

Within the same context, the Israeli occupation forces imposed a 1750 NIS fine on the driver of the tank, confiscated the tank  and moved it into Baqout camp under the pretext of 'presence in a closed military zone without prior coordination with the Israeli authorities' as claimed.

Mr. Aref Daraghmeh, head of Wad al Malih Bedouin community, stated to an LRC observer that: "The tank was used to affectively transport water between Bedouin communities  and decrease the costs of the already high costs of living and water. But with confiscating it, a problem will result in providing drinking water to citizens and livestock especially that the latter is the main source of income to most inhabitants of the Valley."

On the other hand, colonists and Israeli soldiers enjoy the abundance of water among other services at the expense of Palestinian civilians.

Commenting on that, Daraghmeh said: "It is a misery that indigenous inhabitants of the Jordan Valley do not have access to the most basic of life needs and services, especially water. One wonders what else the Israeli occupation wants after taking over all water resources, drying up springs, and banning Palestinians from drilling wells?! What else is left while all is given to colonists and soldiers to enjoy?!"

"There are joint visits of Israeli patrols and officers of the Civil Administration to 'Ein el- Hilweh to confiscate water tanks and whoever dares to object is bound to be beaten by Israeli soldiers," Daraghmeh concluded.

Land Research Center (LRC) considers this attack a manifestation of the Israeli plans that aim at Judaizing the Valley, annexing the Valley to the state of Israel and displacing the Palestinian population using multiple methods of oppression, including: making water scarce, harassing farmers, confiscating tanks and tools, and fining property owners large amounts of money. The current policy is to make people and livestock thirsty and force them to leave to avoid repeated targeting and water deprivation.     


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