Solar panels shattered and agricultural lands attacked

Solar panels shattered and agricultural lands attacked


Violation: colonists destroyed solar panels and lands in Beir al-Ad area
Date: 26/03/2014
Location: Yatta town Hebron governorate
Perpetrators: Susiya colonists
Victims: farmer Zyad Makhamra


On the 26/03/2014, colonists smashed a number of solar panels for electricity generating in Khirbet Beir al-Aad, east of Yatta town in Hebron governorate.

Citizen Zyad Makhamra to the LRC observer stated that: “at 7:00pm of the aforementioned date, he heard dogs barking nearby the solar panels, so he went out to check it out where he heard cracking sounds and the perpetrator fleeing the place”.

Makhamra mentioned that the colonists who did that are of Mizpe Yare colony which is located nearby the location. They shattered the panels to scare him and force him to leave in synchronization with a number of families evacuating their homes because of the ongoing violationsharassments inflected on them by extreme colonists.


Photos1+2: evidences of violations on the solar panels (source: Operation Dove)

Makhamra said: “after I arrived to the solar panels, four out of eight were smashed by rocks. I phone called the international activists in Yatta and the Israeli Police as well who examined the location on the following day, took photos, and took my testimony and asked me to submit a complaint”.

He also mentioned that there is an electricity shortage due to the panels’ destruction pointing out that lights have become dim and that the refrigerator and butter churner are not fully functioning as a result of that defect.

It should be marked that in 2010, Khirbet Beir al-Ad was provided with eight solar panels that produce eight kW daily through Comet-Me organization. The produced amount of electricity is sufficient to meet people's daily needs.

Farmer Makhamra mentioned that two colonists who went in his land with their herds are from Mizpe Yare and Susiya  colonies indicating that the first has more than 60 sheep and the former has 100 sheep. Because of that, 40dunums of grain fields were sabotaged.


Photos 3-4: colonists sheep in the Makhamra’s land (source: Operation Dove)



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