Stop-work orders on a number of structures in Hebron

Stop-work orders on a number of structures in Hebron


Violation: Issuance of stop-work and construction orders
Location: Jawret al-Khail, Sa'ir- Hebron governorate 
Date: 15/01/2014              
Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration 
Victims: Members of al-Shalalda family 


On January 15, the Israeli authorities served members of al-Shalada family residing in Jawret al-Khail, east of Sa'ir town in Hebron, orders to stop work (construction) on their agricultural and residential structures under the pretext of unlicensed construction in an area classified "C" according to Oslo Accords.

Ziad Shalalda (45 years ago) informed LRC field researcher that a patrol of the Israeli army accompanied by officers of the Civil Administration (C.A.) broke into Jawret al-Khail where the C.A. officers penned the orders, placed them on the targeted structures, and took pictures before they left.

The orders demanded an immediate halt of any construction work and set 12/02/2014 for a court session of the Inspection Subcommittee to consider whether to "demolish the structures or return them to their previous status." The orders also stated that "owners can apply for a building permit at the District Planning Department but that does not ensure they will be granted one." The following table gives information about the structures threatened of being demolished in Sa'ir:

. Name Family Structure Area Year of construction Status Notification Picture
1 Ibrahim Shalada 12 House 80 m2 2007 Under construction A 1
Barrack 100m2 2004   B 2
Cistern 120m3 2013   C 3
2 Waleed Shalada 8 House 50m2 2006   N.A 4
3 Ahmad Shalada 6 Cistern 120m3 2007   D 5
4 Mustafa Shalada 2 Cistern 80 m3 2007   E 6
5 Ziyad Shalada 8 House 40m2 2010 Inhabited F 7


It should be mentioned that al- Shalada family owns about 1500 dunums, divided between agricultural land and pastures in Jawret al-Khail area where around 40 members of the family reside. They depend on animal husbandry to make a living and on rainwater for agricultural purposes.

The owners of the threatened structures had inhabited the area over which Asfar colony was built and they had to leave as a result, especially after the Israeli authorities had seized their lands for the colony which overlooks the eastern part of Jawret al-Khail.

The citizens now fear they will endure another displacement as the Israeli occupation might demolish their structures and residences and force them out.

Picture 8: Part of Asfar colony

Regarding legal matters, LRC has provided citizens with consultations and brochures about the legal mechanism as well as showed them the right way to object the orders.   




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