Demolishing a residence in Jericho

Demolishing a residence in Jericho


Violation: the occupation destroys a house in Jericho

Date: 11/12/2013

Location: ed-Duyuk el-Tahta

Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation

Victims: a Jerusalemite family residing in Jericho


At morning of Wednesday the 11th of November, 7 military vehicles(transporting soldiers) of the occupation  accompanied by a bulldozer raided the neighborhood of al-Stayih that is relative to the area of ed-Duyuk, west of Jericho. It is marked that the bulldozer embarked demolition on a house owned by Nidal Blaiblieh from Jericho and who carries a Jerusalemite ID. The demolition came under the pretext of unlicensed construction within area classified as C according to Oslo Accord. As a result , the  one-floor house(140m2) that is still under construction was leveled to the ground.

Citizen Nidal Blaiblieh to the LRC researcher said that he previously received a stop work order on his house in November 2012 where he started the complicated licensing procedures. Despite submitting all documents to the so-called Beit El court, Nidal was surprised that the Sub-Committee of the Civil Administration stalled considering his licensing application.

It should be mentioned that the house was expected to be a residence for a family of 5 member but the occupation came and destroyed that "dream". It should also be marked that the aforementioned demolition is the third of  a type in a period less than year where the occupation destroyed four houses in the exacts same area under the same pretext  in January. Another house was demolished in March in the same spot and under the same pretext.

Noteworthy, the occupation policy of targeting Palestinian residences in the area classified as C comes within the escalation context that aims at delegitimizing Palestinians from their property and denying them their simplest rights to land and housing , which the international conventions stated. The occupation followed inhumane means to fulfill that policy to the instant it used the ethnical cleansing strategy, which is rooted in the Zionist mentality and on which the whole state of the occupation was established.

The area of al-Stayih  became an attraction for Jerusalemites who escaped the brutality of the occupation in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the area got to be a target of the occupation policy represented in house demolition and indigenous displacement. Having more than 70 structures notified with stop work and demolition, the area is considered afflicted as a result.

The occupation pretexts of demolition varies from unlicensed construction within area classified as C according to Oslo Accord to  prohibited presence is areas considered archeological. Noteworthy, the area of ed-Duyuk el-Tahta was recently annexed to Jericho and its master plan.



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