Sabotaging 106 olive trees in Yatta

Sabotaging 106 olive trees in Yatta

Violation: cutting down 106 olive trees

Date: 17/11/2013

Location: Yatta/ Hebron

Perpetrators: colonists

Victims: farmer Khadir Mis'f


On November 17th 2013, colonists attacked a olive groove owned by citizen Khadir Mis'f in the area of Wadi Ma'in, east of Yatta in Hebron governorate. Mis'f to the LRC researcher said that he was surprised to find out that colonists cut down  around 106 olive trees in his groove indicating that they used saws and sharp tools in the attack.





Photos 1-8: evidence of the assault on the trees

He also asserted that he has phone called some international activists and bodies that have to do with Israeli violations in the area, which in this regard carried this issue to the Israeli police. Mis'f said that the police arrived to the crime scene  with a tracer, examined the location, heard the farmer's testimony and asked the farmer then to submit a complaint to the Police station in the colony of Qiryat Arba'a . Having done that, the farmer only got a submission receipt.

The targeted trees were planted on a piece of land that is of 7 dunums in area. This piece is part of 100 dunums land owned by Khadir Mis'f and his brother in the area of Wadi Ma'in on the east side of the bypass road no. 60. The following table shows information about the cutoff trees aging between 3 to 13 years: 


Age of trees

No. of trees


Three years



Six years



Thirteen years


Field observation- Monitoring Israeli Violations Department- Land Research center-2013


It is indicated that farmer has bought the land with his own money and that he has planted it to keep it away from colonial expansion interest in the area for the land is located nearby the bypass road no. 60. The outpost of Efyhal is located 500m to the east of the farmers lands which makes it a colonial interest.

 He also added that he irrigated his land through buying water and moving it by a tractor because of the water scarcity in the area and the inability to dig a water cistern for the occupation bans such activities.

It should be marked that the area of Wadi Ma'in has witnessed similar attacks before. In 2012, colonists damaged 100 olive trees owned by citizens Musa and Khalid al-Jabarin. For further information, please read the following report (Ar, Eng)



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