A Stop-Construction Order for a Water Reservoir in Toubas

A Stop-Construction Order for a Water Reservoir in Toubas


Violation: An order to stop building a water reservoir
Date: 02/08/2013
Victims: People of "Yirza"
Perpetrators: The so- called "The Inspection and Construction Committee" of the Israeli occupation
Location: Yirza village- East of Toubas
People of Yirza, in the heart of the Palestinian ghors, had to suffer from the shortage of water and often had to buy it from Toubas and that cost them about 20 NIS for every 1 m3. After waiting for so long, Yirza people had  had finally received the donation needed for constructing a water reservoir whose area is 200 m3. The donation came through Italian Cooperation. The implementation of the project started in March, 2013 by transferring water by pipes from A’touf village to the reservoir and then water is pumped through pipes to Yirza. 

Pictures 1+2:  the pipes and the reservoir under construction

The Israeli occupation always seeks to strip the people of Al-ghors of their basic human rights. They are denied water and agricultural land.  On 02/08/2013, the Israeli occupation placed a military order that includes halting from constructing the reservoir and a 3.5 long pipe on the pretext of being unlicensed in area classified C according to Oslo Accords.



The Israeli occupation gave the people a respite until 19/08/2013 to proceed with getting the permit procedures and that date comes in synchronization with the meeting of "The Inspection and Construction Committee" in Beit El court to consider the status of the threatened structure. The reservoir is still under construction and has not been put into use yet.


It is worth indicating that the Israeli occupation does not acknowledge Yirsa and describes it as an unidentified gathering that should be removed. The Israeli occupation transformed the region into a closed military zone and planted it with land mines that proved fatal and killed a large number of people in that area. The Israeli occupation demolished a number of houses and barns and even the mosque of Yirsa was demolished several times. Despite all the mentioned above, people of Yirsa are willing to keep fighting by implementing a number of projects that aim at reviving the gathering.
Yirsa in lines:
Yirsa is 10 km away from Toubas governorate. About 12 families (100 citizens) whose ancestors were indigenous people of the land they planted. The land’s area is 25,000 dunums, 283 of which are categorized under "root of town" which means “an old inhabited region.” 75% of Yirsa land is in the Jordanian tabo which testifies that Palestinians are the legal owners of the land but the Israeli occupation is always ignoring the fact.
Yirsa is considered a closed military area by the Israeli occupation. The latter uses the 25,000 area as shooting squares and for other military practices due to its mountainous nature. There is a military camp for training the Israeli occupation army called "Kubra". Such camps are widespread all over the region and pose a real danger on the Palestinian people. Yisar people in specific suffer from the danger of live ammunition and military practices. Besides, Yisar is denied most basic daily services.





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