Yitsihar colonists Cut Down Olive Trees in Nablus

Yitsihar colonists Cut Down Olive Trees in Nablus


Violation: Cutting down 15 olive trees

 Date: 13/07/2013

Perpetrators: colonists of Yizhar

Victim: A farmer named Adnan Ali Al-Najjar

Location: Mattir Valley- Boren Village/ Nablus Governorate


Yitsihar colonists continue to attack and harass farmers in the southern countryside of Nablus city where the olive trees are their foremost victims. Settlers realize the importance of the olive tree in the Palestinian heritage; its symbolism of existence and steadiness beside its economic importance.  On 13/07/2013, Israeli colonists cut down 15 fruitful olive trees of about 30 years old in Al-Mattir valley, south of the Boren village 700 meters away from the northern side of the colony. The olive trees belong to a farmer of the name of Adnan Ali Al-Najjar (41 years old) from Boren village. It is worth knowing that this action was done in synchronization with Itimar Colonization's activity of damaging more than 100 olive trees in O'rta village in Nablus. This table shows the number of damaged tress in Boren:

The Affected Farmer

No. of Family Members

No. of Damaged Trees


Area of Land Owned by Farmers

Adnan Ali Al-Najjar


15 olive trees partially damaged

Mattir valley

2 donums


 It is noteworthy that it was not the first time that agricultural land in this region fell victim of such attacks. Through the past five years, tens of assault cases on citizens of Boren and surrounding villages were reported. Attacks vary from stealing farming tools, setting crops on fire, damaging crop and even stealing them; attacking houses in Boren along with attempting to setting them on fire and offending their residents. More than fourteen houses are close to the bypass of Yitsihar colony and thus they fall under attack by fanatic settlers on daily basis. Since the beginning of this year, Boren has been under attack especially on its olive trees. More than 250 olive trees have been damaged so far. 



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