Colonists Attack the House of a Citizen in Hebron

Colonists Attack the House of a Citizen in Hebron



Violation: Attacking a citizen’s house and damaging crops
Date: 16/07/2013
Location: Al-Baqa- Hebron city
Perpetrators: Colonists of "Kharsina"
Victims: A’ta Jaber
A group of "Kharsina" colonists attacked a house in Al-Baqa, east of Hebron, and besieged its citizens as well as damaged crops surrounding the house. The owner of the house, Jaber, stated to an LRC observe that: " On 16/07/2013, a group of 30 colonists including young men and children, wandered around the house. I was away in Bethlehem and only my wife and 4 daughters were inside the house. The colonists asked them to shut the windows. The colonists were followed by an Israeli army force to protect them. The colonists destroyed summer crops planted near the house.
Jaber added, " The colonists brought flower saplings with them. They uprooted some vegetable saplings and planted the flower seedlings in their place. They also performed some religious rituals in our place."



 Pictures 1-5: The effects of corps damage around Jaber’s house

Jaber explained that he returned back to his house once he knew the colonists broke in. Since Jaber suffers from kidney problems and had to run that day, he collapsed in front of his house. The Israeli occupation called on an Israeli ambulance that came and provided him with the aid needed. Jaber also pointed that the colonists and the Israeli occupation spent 4 hours around his house. The colonists tried to hinder the arrival of the ambulance car by asking the soldier who called the ambulance not to; stopping the ambulance car, and damaging a stone chain around his house to be an obstacle in front of the ambulance car. 
He also said that the colonists chanted slogans in Arabic and Hebrew asking him and his family to leave the house. They also threatened him that they would damage all the crops around his house. One of them said, "We will bring a dozer after a week from now and uproot all the crops and ravage your land." The house of Jaber is located in front of "Kharsina" colony, was demolished twice and is still under attack by colonists and Israeli soldiers. 


Picture 6: Jaber’s house
On 09/06/2013, Jaber received a stop-work order for a water well on the pretext of being unlicensed. The defense lawyer told him that the Israeli occupation asked him to dump the well site and return it to its previous status. Jaber did what he was ordered. For more details, please check the LRC report on this link:  Stop-work Orders in a Well in Hebron

Picture 7: Jaber’s well


Picture 8: The well after being defaced


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