Al-Hadi Mohamad mosque is to be demolished by the occupation

Al-Hadi Mohamad mosque is to be demolished by the occupation


Violation: notifying a mosque of demolition

Date: 02/03/2014

Location: Beireh city/ Ramallah governorate

Perpetrators: the Supreme Council of the Civil Administration


On 02/03/2014, the so-called Israeli District Coordination Office DCO served the Palestinian side a military demolition order on al-Hadi Mohammad mosque. Noteworthy, the order included an “additional opportunity to object demolition order” issued by the Supreme Council of the Civil Administration on 25/04/2014.

According to the last order, the mosque keepers were given three days from the date of the order issuance to object on the demolition order. The demolition pretext came under unlicensed construction within area classified C according to Oslo Accords.

Photo1: the military order


 About the mosque:

It was built in 2009 with a total area of 200m2 in the eastern part of al-Jalazoun camp. Noteworthy, the mosque overlooks Beit El colony and is 1km away from it.

By late 2009, the Planning Sub-Committee of the Israeli government served the mosque a stop work order under the pretext of being unlicensed. And by late 2010, the mosque was notified of demolition knowing that the Israeli Planning department never accepted the mosque licensing application. By the beginning of July, the mosque was notified of demolition again.

Legal follow-up:

It is indicated that Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs submitted, through the governorate of Ramallah and al-Quds center for Legal Proceedings, a plea against the demolition order in July 2014. The plea was not considered until the issuance of this report.

The international conventions related to worship places:

Laws ban committing violations against historical antiquities, art productions, and worshiping centers that are considered as the cultural and spiritual heritage of the peoples. The following explains:

-Geneva IV Convention article 27

Protected persons are entitled, in all circumstances, to respect for their persons, their honour, their family rights, their religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs. They shall at all times be humanely treated, and shall be protected especially against all acts of violence or threats thereof and against insults and public curiosity.

Convention (IV) respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land and its annex: Regulations concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land. The Hague, 18 October 1907.Art. 56. The property of municipalities, that of institutions dedicated to religion, charity and education, the arts and sciences, even when State property, shall be treated as private property.All seizure of, destruction or wilful damage done to institutions of this character, historic monuments, works of art and science, is forbidden, and should be made the subject of legal proceedings.


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