A Demolition Order for a Well Owned by Idna Municipality

A  Demolition Order for a Well Owned by Idna Municipality


  • Violation: An order to demolish a well
  • Date: 24/07/2013
  • Location: Wadi Al-Balota- West of Idna-Hebron governorate
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration
  • Victims: Citizens of Idna
  • Details:
On 24/07/2013, the Israeli occupation issued a warrant to demolish a well owned by the municipality of Idna. Some citizens found the demolition order that holds the number of (392278) and is under the title of "A Final Demolition Order “ to "immediately stop any construction work and demolish what has been built within 7 days starting from the day of the order’s issuance for unlicensed construction."


The threatened well was built by the municipality of Idna in cooperation with Agricultural Work committees in purpose for gathering the water that comes down from a spring and restoring it so that citizens and farmers can have water for agricultural purposes and household uses in addition to quenching the thirst of livestock.
The well can take up to 200m2water and was expected to serve 500 families and irrigate 500 dunums besides watering 1500 livestock owned by citizens who consider them a source of income. After receiving the order, Idna municipality defaced the well and banned citizens and farmers from taking advantage of it. 





Pictures 2-4: The tracks of defacing the well

 It is noteworthy to know that the Israeli occupation has been targeting water sources and agricultural structures in Wadi Al-Balota in Idna. LRC recorded several Israeli attacks regarding that issue.


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