Capturing 117.837 dunums of Salfit Lands

Capturing 117.837 dunums of Salfit Lands


Violation: confiscation of over 117 dunums of Safit lands.

Date: March 22, 2013.




The land department of the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration announced the confiscation of lands in the northern parts of Salfit, specifically areas located in parcel ‘4’ of Salfit lands. It is worthy to mention that an Israeli company, Alone Ariel, claims its ownership of the lands which it purchased from the Israeli Land Authority.



Picture 1: targeted lands


The targeted lands are located nearby the colony of Ariel; it is mostly planted with olive trees.




Salfit is the main City in Salfit governorate which holds 20 Palestinian communities, inhabited by over 59,000 people; Salfit governorate total area is 202,033 dunums. It is plagued by 25 Israeli colonies which have been destroying the natural resources and taking over water sources. Salfit City is 21,724 dunums in area inhabited by 8,796 people.



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