Israeli troops break into Beit Ulla Municipality Building

Israeli troops break into Beit Ulla Municipality Building



At around 3 :00 am, on February 7, 2013, around 30 Israeli soldiers accompanied by a number of military vehicles raided, masked soldiers broke into the Municipality building and knocked down all external and internal  offices doors.




MR. Ibrahim  A. Aladam an elected Municipality member stated: ‘at around 3:15 am and  after hearing sounds of  destruction coming from the municipality area I hurried to the municipality where I was detained, humiliated, and searched by the soldiers, they detained me till the attack was over’. to face all kind of humiliation  after inspection of the soldiers  as well as  they force him to stay inside the municipality till their leavings.


In his testimony Mr AlAdam mentioned that around 30 of armed soldiers some of them were masked destroyed doors and inspected all the offices in barbaric manner.




Mr . Mohamad Al-amleh , the elected Mayor, reported that they  informed the Ministry of Local Governance , the Palestinian police, and  Civil and Military Liaisons Offices to take legal procedures against the assailants.


Al Amlah pointed that the Israeli attacks are not limited to the Palestinians roperties but also organizations that provide services for the Palestinians.







Picture 1-11: attack on the municipality






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