The Israeli Occupation Authorities embark on the expansion of Kohav HaShar colony in Jerusalem

The Israeli Occupation Authorities embark on the expansion of Kohav HaShar colony in Jerusalem


the Israeli Occupation Authorities have embarked on the implementation of a project to add 45 residential units in Kohav HaShar colony over an area estimated to be around 40 dunums. It is worthy to mention that the colony is considered a center for colonial radical activities and the starting point of large number of attacks held against the Palestinians. The nearby colony of Kohav Jacob was established in 1980 over lands supposedly confiscated for military reasons; however, in 1984, the Israelis turned the area into a colony which nowadays lays over 1710 dunums of the lands of Kafr Malek.




the colony is inhabited by 4600 colonists, most of them are radical Jews. (FMEP)


Expansions in Kohav HaShar:


residents of the nearby colony of Mizpe Karmim placed a number of mobile homes in Kohav HaShar colony, these homes covered more than 40 dunums. In addition, the Israeli Authorities are offering a large number of ready-to-use apartments in the area despite a case being studied in the Israeli Supreme Court in regard to the confiscation of Palestinian lands. 32 Jewish families reside in Mizpe Karmim colony.


The Palestinian owners of the lands pleaded to the Sipreme Court to stop construction and despite the Court ruling in their favor, colonists placed the mobile homes. The colony holds 16 buildings and over 55 mobile homes which were placed in spite of a Court ruling to freeze construction n the colony.


Kohav HaShar was established in 1975 over lands of Kafr Malek and Deir Jrer; it occupies over 394 dunums nowadays.



Picture 2-3: colonial expansions in Kohav HaShar



It now holds a Hebrew language center, a kindergarten, an electronics factory, medical clinics, library, chicken farms, flower farms, and an elementary school. it is inhabited by over 1400 people. (FMEP)









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