Israeli Colonists of Nili set a Car Ablaze

Israeli Colonists of Nili set a Car Ablaze




Violation: colonist set a car alight and write offensive slogans on the residences walls.

Location: the northern entrance of Shaqaba village – Ramallah.

Date: December 12, 2012.

Victims: Abu Sameeh junkyard.

Perpetrators: colonists of Nili.





On December 12, 2012, a group of colonists of Nili launched an outrageous attack on Shaqaba village, north east of Ramallah. The colonists set a car ablaze by throwing a Molotov Cocktail inside the car. The car has been the property of Abu Sameeh junkyard.


The colonists also wrote a number of racist and offensive slogans on the walls of the residences in the area and signed the gang name ‘payback’.  



picture 1-2: torched car



Picture 3: Offensive Slogans




It is worthy to mention that similar attacks took place in various areas of the West Bank; over twenty attacks against mosques and other properties in the past year. all of these attacks were carried out under the protection, probably supervision of the Israeli Occupation Army which offers the colonists unlimited support.




Shaqaba is located 35 to the west of Ramallah. it is inhabited by 4000 to 4500 people according to the latest estimates. The village total area is 15000 dunums of which 11000 are planted with olives.





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