Shiar Pitikva Colony, a Pollutant

Shiar Pitikva Colony, a Pollutant



The colony of Shiar Pitikva is considered as a main source of pollution in the occupied Palestinian Territories. It does not only expand over Palestinian agricultural lands in Beit Amin, Azzun, and Sinirya but it also pumps its sewage towards Beit Amin Valley; the sewage passes through a 9-km-long stream towards areas beyond the ‘Green Line’. The sewage water inflict a great deal of damage on the areas it covers; this includes:

  1. The sewage mixes with the ground water of the Palestinian eastern basin knowing that the area is known for having 3 ground water basins.

  2. Destruction of agriculture in the area it passes.

  3. The sewage plagues the area, killing most kinds of plants that grow in it.

  4. Colonists in the area tend to pump the sewage towards Palestinian schools, mainly Azzun Atma school which had to close down several times due to such disgusting aggression.




The colonists tend to take advantage of rainy season to inflict more damage on Palestinian agricultural lands; sewage mixes with rain water so it spreads to cover larger areas and deal more damage to the environment. Shiar Pitikva was established in 1983 on the lands of Sinirya and Beit Amin.


Its total area is 1005 dunum inhabited by over 4000 colonists. The colony holds a synagogue and a religious school within. The colony was annexed behind the wall and has been expanding since then.







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