“Shelo” Settlers closes the farm road leading to Qryoot village south of Nablus

“Shelo” Settlers closes the farm road leading to Qryoot village south of Nablus



  • Violation:  close the southern entrance of Qryoot village

  • Violation Date: 24th November 2012

  • Violators: “Shelo settlers

  • Victims: Qryoot village citizens



In another harsh step by the Israeli settlers showing that they are not better than the Isreali Offense forces, the settlers of “Shelo” settlement closed the southern road of “Qryoot” village which links it to route n.60.





It is worth noting that this is the second closure of the farm road, after it was re-opened by a number of faithful farmers who defied the unjust laws of the occupier in the 19th of February 2012.


For his part, Bashar Qaryouti one of the activists in the village of “Qaryoot” told LRC research team that “since reopening the road in February, the Israeli forces have been trying to enforce harsh and illogical conditions in order to force us to stop using it. For instance, they have asked us for a clearance for the road which is a long and hard process that begins with: bringing the land records, the satellite images and other identification papers which caused a delay in the process until completely closing the road in November. He added:” Settlers are closing Palestinian roads at on hand, but on the other, they are confiscating and controlling Palestinian land-under the IOF protection- in order to open several farm roads that aim to help them reaching their settlements easier.


It is worth noting that closing the farm road and using barricades and huge cement blocks to blockade it forced Palestinian to follow a 22-kilometers bypass in order to reach the same point at routen.60 which burdens the Palestinians in Qryoot village both on economic and physiological levels.




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