Setting another Mosque Alight

Setting another Mosque Alight



Violation: colonists of Yizhar attempt to torch Al Ribat Mosque.

Location: Urif, Nablus.

Date: November 19, 2012.




It is obvious that the Israelis have launched a destructive campaign against Muslim and Christian sacred sites not only in the West Bank but all around Palestine.


On November 19, 2012, a group of Yizhar colonists sneaked into Urif village heading to Al Ribat Mosque. The colonists set alight a number of carpets that were to be used for carpeting the mosque. However, the people of Urif managed to drive the colonists away before they cause more damage.



Picture 1-2: attempted torching



Another crime added to the long record of Israeli Army and colonists crimes against sacred sites without showing any respect to the sacredness of the sites. It must be noted that the Israeli aggressions against religious sites have increased in a rabid way.


They colonists try to inflict as much damage as possible to the mosques and churches in addition to writing offensive and racist slogans that are abusive to both religions. What makes it worse is the face that the colonists actions are fully supported by the Israeli Government which provide them with Arms, protection, and probably supervision.


The colonists formed a gang with the name ‘payback’ which spreads fear and terror all around the West Bank by torching mosques in addition to damaging cars and residences. These colonists ideology is derived from the major Rabi and Jewish religious schools which teach an ideology of hate and disrespect; these schools spread all around the so-called State of Israel.






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