Ravaging 55 fruit trees in Deir Ballut Salfit

Ravaging 55 fruit trees in Deir Ballut Salfit


  • Violation: Israeli occupation army ravaged 55 fruit trees in Deir Ballut.

  • Location: Iraq Al-Tout region – Deir Ballut Salfit District.

  • Date: Wednesday the 28th of November 2012.

  • Perpetrator: The farmer Naim Rushdi Jbarah Ibrahim.



On Wednesday the 28th of November, the Israeli occupation army raided on Iraq Al-Tout region east of Deir Ballut town in Salfit district. As a revenge, the Israeli occupation ravaged and cut 55 fruit trees (seven years old) owned by the farmer Naim Rushdi Jbara (56 years old) from Deir Ballut town. Noting that the totally ravaged trees are 30 olive trees (7 years) in addition to 25 pomegranate trees and almond trees (5 years).


Photos of the ravaged trees in Deir Ballut village


The farmer Naim Ibrahim affirmed that Iraq Al-Tout region is one of the most targeted regions in Deir Ballut town, as the occupation turned its lands into a military training base. He also mentioned the night raids to his house carried out by the occupation army; apart from the sound of shooting and bullets that fell near 7 Palestinian houses which endanger more than 68 people.


Deir Ballut Town:


A Palestinian town located 20km west of Salfit city and adjacent to the Green Line. It has a population of about 5,000 inhabitants depending on agriculture after losing their jobs inside the Green Line where unemployment rate is estimated at 64%.


The total area of the village is of 18,000 dunums, 809 dunums of which are built up areas; the village lost 8000 dunums as well as a result of the construction of the Apartheid Wall in the west and south west sides of the village. The Bado’eil colony plundered about 500 dunums of Deir Ballut lands: the total area of the colony is 592 dunums, built area is 171 dunums and till the year 2006 the number of inhabitants was 1219 colonists.




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