Final demelotion notice in Beit Ummar North Hebron

Final demelotion notice in Beit Ummar North Hebron


  • Violation: Final Demolition notice

  • Violation date: 29/11/2012

  • Location: Shaeb Al-Seer/ Beit Ummar

  • Violator: Civil Administration

  • Victim: Mohammed Khaleel Mukbel

The Isreali Authorties have handed the Palestinina citizen Mohammed Ibrahim Khaleel Mukbel a final demolition warrant for his household in “Shaeb Al-Seer” area in Beit Ummar north of Hebron. The notice number is (391432) and was given to him in 29/11/2012. It was issued by the Isreali civil administration . The notice obliged the household owner to stop all the construction works he is doing and to evacuate his household within 7 days.



Figure1: the demolition notice 


It was not the first notice given to Mohammed, thus in 18/6/2012 the Israeli civil administration has giving him a notice to stop the construction works. After receiving that notice, he went to several legal entities where he could appeal against that notice, after he handed all needed documents and identification papers.



Figure2: the stop-construction notice


Mohammed has shown that he was shocked by the notice he has received from the Israeli civil administration via his lawyer. He also said that he will appeal again against this notice and will appeal for the Israeli Supreme Court if necessary in order to prevent his house from being demolished.  It is worth noting that the household area is 240sqm, was built in 2011 and is inhabited by 13 persons of which eight of them are children under 18.





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