Demolition of Two Water Pools east of Hebron

Demolition of Two Water Pools east of Hebron




Violation: demolition of two water pools used to collect rainwater.

Date: November 11, 2012.

Location: Qizon and Beit Einun.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.

Victims: Alaa and Said Zalloum.




On November 11, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished two pools in Qizon and Beit Einun to the east of Hebron.

the first was property of Alaa Zalloum and located in Qizon area. Alaa said that an Israeli dozer leveled the pool with the ground by filling it with rocks and dirt.




picture 1: the pool before demolition 



picture 2-3: the pool after demolition


The owner received a demolition order on November 6, 2012; he objected to the order with the aid of the Saint Yves Society but his objection was ruled out and the pool was eventually demolished.


The Israeli Army also demolished a pool in Beit Einun area; the 800-m3-pool was property of Said Zalloum and was used to irrigate an 8-dunum-field.



picture 4-5: Said’s pool


Said said that he found the demolition order thrown beside the pool 2 days prior to the demolition and that he had no time to object.






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