Cutting 400 Olive Seedlings in Ad Deirat

Cutting 400 Olive Seedlings in Ad Deirat


Violation: cutting and uprooting 400 olive seedlings of which 200 hundred were compeltely destroyed.

Date: November 22, 2012.

Location: Yatta – Hebron.

Perpetrators: colonists of Karmael.

Victims: Jamil Hushiyya.




On November 22, 2012, Israeli colonists cut and uprooted 400 olive seedlings in Ad Deirat village to the east of Yatta. The owner said: ‘I received a call from a shephard who told that there are a large number of olive seedling cut and uprooted in his field. I went to check and was shocked to see over 400 seedlings cut and uprooted. I informed my relatives who also own part of the land so they came. We toured the area and found a number of slogans written in Hebrew all around the field which proved that colonists did it‘.




picture 1-4: attack



picture 5-6: slogans written in Hebrew



The Israeli Police showed up and investigated the attack; the tracker said that 6 to 7 people were there and went back to Karmael. The owner said that he should go to Kiryat Arba Police Station to file an official complaint which he did. The attack resulted in the damaging of 400 hundred 3-5 years old seedlings.




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