Colonists of Emmanuel pump sewage towards Olive Groves

Colonists of Emmanuel pump sewage towards Olive Groves



Violation: pumping sewage towards Palestinian olive groves.

Date: November 9, 2012.

Location: Jinsafut – Qaqiliyya.

Perpetrators: colonists of Emmanuel.

Victims: owners of over 55 dunums of agricultural lands.




Seeing Israeli colonists attempts to ruin the festive olive-picking season has become a usual scene every year. Colonists have been using all kinds of methods to ruin the season for the Palestinians and add to their suffering.


With the beginning of every olive-picking season, the Israeli attacks against olive groves and farmers. Throughout the years, tens of trees were torched, cut, or corrupted. By the start of rainfall this year, colonists of Emmanuel pumped sewage water from the industrial area in the colony towards Wad al Sharqi, Wad Khaled, and Harayeq Salem areas in Jinsafut. The sewage passes through a 6-km-long stream, plaguing over 55 dunums of olive groves.



Picture 1-2: olive groves soaked with Emmanuel sewage


The pollution drastically affected the biodiversity in the area as it destroyed a number of species; it also turned the beautiful area into a defiled and reek one.



Picture 3: Emmanuel and the factories within



Various attempts to neutralize the effects of pollution:


Thabet Eid, former Head of Jinsafut Village Council said: ‘we filed several complaints against the colonists aggressions; however, till today, October 10, 2012, nothing has changed despite all the pleas to the humanitarian agencies including the ICRC and despite all the official complaints that we made. We are still seeking a permanent solution‘. 





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