A plan to expand the organizational plan of Alve Menshe colony

A plan to expand the organizational plan of Alve Menshe colony


Violation: the Israeli Occupation Authorities announces the expansion of Alve Menshe organizational plan.

Location: Alve Menshe.

Date: November 23, 2012.




The Israeli colonial greed in the West Bank showed another face when the so-called Colonization Subcommittee, the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration, issued a notification on November 23, 2012 regarding organizational plan 15/5 which is a modification to order 15-s designated for parcel 2 of Azzun lands in Qalqiliya.


According to the order, the purpose is the development of the infrastructure in the south western part of the colony by opening more roads and expanding the power network to enable it to accommodate new residences. The designated area has been confiscated for 16 years.


Alve Menshe:


The colony was established in 1981 over lands confiscated from the villages of Kafr Thulth, Azzun, Asla, and al Nabi Elias. It is located 5 km away from the green line. Its total area is 5300 dunums inhabited by around 6400 colonists.


Three sections were added to the colony with time, one to the east towards Asla village, the second to the north towards Al Nabi Elias village, and the third is under construction and is covering an area of 2000 dunums over Al Qastal mountain. The colony holds within an industrial zone with over 30 factories in addition to a gas station, high schools, swimming pool, sport courts, a synagogue, and a watchtower.







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