Leveling Lands and Structures in Al Makhrour

Leveling Lands and Structures in Al Makhrour



Violation: leveling lands and structures.

Location: Al Makhrour, Beit Jala – Bethlehem.

Date: October 30, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victim: Rami Musallam and Hacob al Armani (the Armanian).




In the afternoon of October 30, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army embarked on a demolition campaign in Al Makhrour area of Beit Jala. The campaign targeted the following:


1- Rami Musallam: the Israeli Occupation Army leveled a 1-dunum plot which has been recently rehabilitated and made reeady fro cultivation. They also demolished a 40-m2 house which was used as a summer house for the family. They also knocked down a number of retaining walls. the owner estimated 140,000 ILS in losses.


2- Hacob al Armani: at the same time, the Israeli Occupation Army leveled an uncultivated 2-dunum plot and destroyed a stairway which facilitated movement in the area.
however, the owner expressed his dedication to the land saying that he will cultivate with at least 150 trees despite the Israeli measures. losses of around 20,000 ILS were recorded.



Picture: Rami’s ravaged lands


Beit Jala:


It is located 1 km to the west of Bethlehem and 8 km to the south west of the Occupied City of Jerusalem. 3147 dunums (22%) of the town’s lands were confiscated to expand the borders of ‘greater Jerusalem’ and a number of surrounding colonies including:

  • Gilo: it was established in 1971 to cover around 2738 dunums in area nowadays. 1117 dunums are part of Beit Jala lands. The colony is inhabited by 31500 colonists.

  • Har Gilo: it was established in 1972 to cover around 420 dunums in area nowadays. 314 dunums are part of Beit Jala lands. The colony is inhabited by 414 colonists.

Area and Location:


Beit Jala is inhabited by 16700 Palestinians (PCBS). Its total area is 14337 dunums divided into 6142 dunums (area ‘A’), 91 dunums (area ‘B’), and 8104 dunums (area ‘C’) (Oslo Interim Agreement 1995).


Al Makhrour:


Al Makhrour is a valley located to the west of Beit Jala; it has been targeted by the Israelis since the first days of occupation because of its strategic location. It is surrounded by the bypass leading to the Occupied City of Jerusalem (east), al Walaja (north), Battir (west), and al Khader (south). Its total area is around 3500 dunums planted mostly with prunus and olives.







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