Stop-work Orders in Al Aqaba

Stop-work Orders in Al Aqaba


Violation: stop-work orders for two residences inhabited by 16 people including 6 children.

Date: September 9, 2012.

Location: Al Aqaba – Tubas.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: two Palestinian families.








On September 9, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army handed two Palestinian families stop-work orders for their residences on the pretext of unlicensed construction in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Accords. The targeted structures have received similar orders this year. The orders specified November 2, 2012 as the date of a hearing session to be held in Beit El Military Court to look into the residences’ status.


Table 1: victims:


Area (m2)

Family members



Dayf Zawahra





Ziad Dibik




Under construction






*source: Field Observations – Monitoring Israeli Human Rights Violations Team – LRC


Picture 1: Ziad’s threatened residence

Picture 2: Dayf Zawahra endangered residence



Al Aqaba:


It is located 5 km to the north east of Tubas; its total area is 2600 dunums with only 100 dunums designated for construction according to the Israeli organizational plan. 2000 dunums of the village lands were exploited by Israeli colonization, which imposed drastic damage on agriculture knowing that 80 % of the village population relies on agriculture in their living.


Economic development of the village is limited. Only one commercial shop ‘covers’ the needs of around 300 people. More than 45 similar orders were issued against structures in Aqaba that includes the only mosque in the village and some side roads. Several structures were demolished in the village including 7 in 2009. In addition, two shacks were demolished in 2003 while the only water reservoir which provided the village with water was also demolished.


In March 2011, Al Salam and Al Muhajereen roads were demolished; they were demolished for a second time in September 2011 after a Palestinian effort to rebuild them.






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